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  FAQ's for Employers ( Please click on a question to see it's answer.)  
1. Who should contribute to EPF? [+]
2. What are the special occasions where contributions should be made to EPF? [+]
3. Does the Employee status or the designation affect EPF contributions? [+]
4. Is the Employer legally bound to pay contributions for following people? [+]
5. How to register a business with EPF? [+]
6. Who is responsible for providing the employee registration number? How? [+]
7. How should the contributions be calculated? [+]
8. How can contributions be paid? [+]
9. How to provide the employees with membership certificates? [+]
10. What should the employer do if the membership numbers have changed? [+]
11. What should be done if the membership number has changed only in the “B” card? [+]
12. What should be done if a member name is wrong? [+]
13. What is the importance of getting accurate and proper finger prints of employees? [+]
14. What are the documents, which should be maintained by the employer? [+]
15. What is the mode of payment for contributions? [+]
16. What are the points that the employers should consider when making payments by Cheques or Money Orders? [+]
17. What should accompany the contributions? [+]
18. When can careless mistakes lead to penalties? [+]
19. How are statements issued for currently contributing members? [+]
20. How should the employer inform of a change in the location of business (change of address)? [+]
  FAQ's for Employees ( Please click on a question to see it's answer.)  
1. From what date am I entitled to EPF contributions? How do I get membership? [+]
2. Who is eligible for membership? [+]
3. What is the EPF registration Number? [+]
4. How do I obtain a “B” certificate? [+]
5. Do I need a new “B” certificate if I leave an existing company and join a new one? [+]
6. What should be done in case of a lost B card? [+]
7. How do I correct a wrong name mentioned in the B certificate ? [+]
8. If the name in the Central Bank records is different to the name in the “B” card, how do I get it corrected? How do I find out my name in the records at the Central Bank ? [+]
9. What should I do in case of a mistake in my registration number? [+]
10. How do I claim benefits? [+]
11. What is the importance of placing the fingerprints clearly? [+]
12. What is the process, which takes place within the period of submission of application for claiming benefits to the payment of benefits? [+]
13. What should members consider when applying for claim of benefits? [+]
14. What are the documents, which should be maintained by the employer? [+]
15. What should the employee do in order to properly maintain the Central Bank EPF account? [+]
16. How is the interest calculated to the EPF account? [+]
17. What are the instances where a housing loan guarantee will be denied? [+]
18. What are the documents required for a housing loan? [+]
19. What is the procedure for application for claim of benefits for a member who has taken a housing loan? [+]

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