EPF e-Return System

Mandatory for all employees who have more than 50 employees

The e-return system refers to a method of sending employees’ contribution details & payments electronically in place of paper based submission of information thorough “Form C” and “Form C3”.

Contribution details accepted via;

Commercial Banks' Web Sites Click for more information
EPF-Online System Click for more information ( epf3@cbsl.lk )

Payments accepted via ;

Commercial Banks’ Online System
Direct Debit
Cheques & Money Orders


Minimizes errors, which may occur in filling forms and data entry
Saves time and cost
Eliminates a large volume of paper flow
Avoids postal delays
Updates member accounts immediately

Members / Employees

When leaving service on reaching age of retirement.

  • 1) Males - 55 years
  • 2) Females - 50 years

When leaving service on grounds of marriage in the following context
(For female Employees)

  • 1) If married within 3 months of leaving service
  • 2) Have left service within 5 years of marriage
A certified photocopy of the Marriage Certificate certified by the Registrar who registered the marriage or a marriage certificate issued by the Additional District Registrar should be submitted along with the above forms.

When migrating to another country on a permanent Visa

  • 1) The permanent Visa and a photocopy
  • 2) The Original of the passport and a photocopy along with the above forms should be submitted to the Head Office of the Labour Department

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