Frequently Asked Questions

1) How to prepare files?

  • Using the file generator provided by e-Collection Division (ECD) of the EPF (Please refer the User Guide for File Generators)
  • Configuring the payroll software of the employer to output the Contribution and Payment Detail files

2) What is zone code?

Zone code is the English letter appeared in front of the EPF number.

3) Can I enter the new 12 digit National Identity Card Number       (NIC)?

Right click on the desired cell and select ‘format cells’. Then change the format of the cell to ‘text’ and enter the 12 digit NIC number.

4) How do I insert rows to the contribution detail file?

Click on the ‘review’ tab on the menu bar and select ‘unprotect sheet’ and then you are allow to insert new rows to the excel file.

5) A runtime error pops up when I click the “Create File”

    button. How do I solve that?

This can be the result one or more of following issues.

  • Make sure all the monetary values are displayed with two decimal places.
  • Thousand separator comma should not be used for any value in the file.
  • In the ‘Zone Code’ column, only enter the English letter of the Employer Registration Number and the rest of the numerical part should be entered in the ‘Employer Number’ column.
  • The name of the excel sheet should always be ‘EVEMC.TXT’
  • Name of employee may be too long. So make sure to enter only initials in the initials column and last name in the last name column.

6) What are the advantages of e-Return?

  • To employers

    a.   No form filling.

    b.   Save time and resources.

    c.   Eliminate the difficulties in payments.

    e.   Minimize the critical account amendments as errors can be detected in advance.

    f.   No messengers to be send to EPF or post documents to submit manual forms.

    g. Regularly updated member accountswould build up the employee trust and motivation.

    h.   Provident Fund refund process can be expedited due to minimized discrepancies in member details.

  • To members
  • a.   Update member accounts quickly and accurately.

    b.   No delays in refund benefits claims.

  • To the Fund
  • a.   Save data entry cost and time.

    b.   Facilitates with paperless environment.

Accelerate the member account posting, name capturing and benefit payments making the entire EPF process more effective and transparent.

Members / Employees

When leaving service on reaching age of retirement.

  • 1) Males - 55 years
  • 2) Females - 50 years

When leaving service on grounds of marriage in the following context
(For female Employees)

  • 1) If married within 3 months of leaving service
  • 2) Have left service within 5 years of marriage
A certified photocopy of the Marriage Certificate certified by the Registrar who registered the marriage or a marriage certificate issued by the Additional District Registrar should be submitted along with the above forms.

When migrating to another country on a permanent Visa

  • 1) The permanent Visa and a photocopy
  • 2) The Original of the passport and a photocopy along with the above forms should be submitted to the Head Office of the Labour Department

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