The e-Return system which facilitates collection of EPF contributions and respective member details in electronic means was introduced by the EPF Department with an objective of improving its operational efficiency in a paperless operating environment.

This system was operated on voluntary basis until the respective enactment i.e. EPF (amendment) Act. No. 02 of 2012 comes in to force. Accordingly, providing EPF contribution details through an electronic media became mandatory for the employers having more than 50 employees in their employments.

In 2011, Licensed Commercial Banks (LCBs) joined this system as facilitators to collect EPF contributions via their own online portals which made a remarkable transformation in the system. This online payment procedure was further strengthened by implementing a system that validates member information online and updates member accounts real time, in 2016. Accordingly, nine (09) LCBs have been facilitating EPF online payments out of which five (05) LCBs provide online member information validation and real time member accounts updating facility for their customers. (More Details)
Members / Employees

When leaving service on reaching age of retirement.

  • 1) Males - 55 years
  • 2) Females - 50 years

When leaving service on grounds of marriage in the following context
(For female Employees)

  • 1) If married within 3 months of leaving service
  • 2) Have left service within 5 years of marriage
A certified photocopy of the Marriage Certificate certified by the Registrar who registered the marriage or a marriage certificate issued by the Additional District Registrar should be submitted along with the above forms.

When migrating to another country on a permanent Visa

  • 1) The permanent Visa and a photocopy
  • 2) The Original of the passport and a photocopy along with the above forms should be submitted to the Head Office of the Labour Department

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