Registering for EPF

How to register the employer in the EPF

Regardless of the nature and the category of your business, an employer having even one employee is legally bound to pay contributions to EPF. Within 14 days of the recruitment of the first employee, “FORM-D” should be filled in duplicate, certified and sent via registered post to the nearest Labour Office or directly to the Commissioner of Labour. A registration number will then be provided which starts with two letters of the English Alphabet indicating the administrative district, and the employer has to use the said number for all EPF queries relevant to his/her employment.

  • The employer has to obtain the Employer Registration Certificate from the Department of Labour (LD).
  • As a practice, LD sends the details of newly registered employers to EPF Department (EPF/CBSL) to update employer details.
  • Before making EPF contributions for their employees, every employer should ensure whether their details are available in EPF database maintained at the Central Bank (CBSL)

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Amending the employer details
  • A written request should be made by the employer to the EPF Department through LD to change name of the employer / permanent address or to inactivate the employer in the EPF Department’s database.
  • To change the postal address, an employer should directly make a written request to the EPF Department.
Exemptions for paying EPF contributions

Following entities will be given an exemption for paying EPF contributions:

  • If the establishment is a social service organization providing technical training for minor offenders, destitute, deaf and blind.
  • A charity organization with less than ten (10) employees.
  • The household employees are not required to make contributions to the EPF up-to now.
Registration of members with EPF
  • Register new employees in the LD within 14 days of his/her recruitment.
  • Provide ‘A’, ‘B’, ‘H’ forms to new employees and duly submit accurately filled forms to the Labour Department with the details of NIC in registration.
  • Assign member numbers in numerical order and avoid duplication of numbers.
  • Obtain the “B” Cards signed by Commissioner of Labour and provide a “B” Card to every employee.
  • Corporate with employees if the employee needs to amend employee details.
  • Inform the EPF Department if the employee resigns/ retires/ leaves the company.
  • Make the members aware of the procedure of obtaining another “B” Card if their former “B” Cards have been misplaced.

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Absorbing a Private Provident Fund to the EPF
  • In the event that a firm have previously maintained a private provident fund and now planning to contribute to EPF, “Form-N” should be used to add the existing accounts to the EPF Department.

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Resignation of members

On resignation of an employee, the employer is bound to inform the LD about the resignation. The information can be sent using “FormE” and “FormF”. “FormE” has to be filled by both the employer and the employee whilst “Form-F” should be filled exclusively by the employer. Upon receipt of the information, the employer is relieved of paying contributions for that particular employee.

Employers are required to send their employees details in regular basis to update their members details in EPF Department’s database.

Download form E Download form F


Re-Registering of members

EPF Department and the LD have jointly launched a project to re-register all members according to their National Identity Card (NIC) information.
Accordingly, every employer should fill Form ‘RR-6’ with the NIC details of the new employees recruited and should be submitted at the time of submission of their first contribution through Forms C/ C3. NIC details of the existing employees, who have not yet been re-registered under this project, should be provided in the same Form RR-6. Certified NIC copies of both new and existing employees should be submitted with the Form RR-6.
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