Acknowledgements and Member Statements

Confirmation on the receipt of contribution
  • Institutes which remit the contributions through the Electronic Media will be receiving a computerized, system generated payment acknowledgment instantly after the payment.
  • Payment acknowledgments will be sent to all institutions over the post after crediting the payment.
  • Duplicate receipts to employers in the events of loss of original receipts or non-receipt will be issued subject to following requirements:
    • Duly authenticated request letter submitted by employer with payment details (Employer No, Date of payment, Cheque/ payment reference No., Amount paid and applicable period).
    • If a representative of an employer is appointed to collect receipts, a nomination letter to collect such receipts including the details of name and NIC number of nominees
Member Balance Statements
  • EPF ensures providing a half yearly statement to employee in every 6 months’ time.
  • EPF is making necessary arrangement to distribute member statements among employees via employers. If an employer is in need to collect statements of his/her employees directly from EPF, EPF should be informed on such requirement in advance and need to produce an authentication letter issued by the representative/ messenger who collects such statements.
  • In following instances EPF members can request to update contributions received to their accounts on urgent basis.
    • Applying for 30% refund withdrawal.
    • Applying for a housing loan based on the EPF balance.
    • Applying for refunds on the basis of marriage, for women.
    • Applying for refunds on migration.

Following Documents are required to submit by employers on behalf of members in this regard.

  • A written request of the employer
  • Certified true copies of the relevant “C Forms”

Specimen FormatDownload Form C